The Beginning

The first thing I ever knitted was a bottle green teddy bear. I spent my childhood playing in a beautiful garden, many years later I’m almost doing the same thing. I design and make by hand children’s knitwear and work in gardens. It’s a wonderful work and life balance. Colour and wildlife inspire me to do what I do. Colour is so important, it makes us smile, I hope my bright and subtle colour combinations with fun motifs do the same for you.

100% Handmade
in Ireland

 All my knitwear is 100% handmade in Ireland, using natural, ecological, sustainable and biodegradable wool supplied by Donegal Yarns. Wool doesn’t fester in dreaded landfill sites at the end of its natural life, which is the fate for so many oil based, manmade synthetics. I use both merino and Aran tweed which allows me to have a very varied choice of colours. I only use natural wooden buttons. 

Over 25 years of dedication

 I have been designing, knitting and selling children’s knitwear for over 25 years. Supplying to retail outlets in America, all over Europe and of course Ireland. I’m a “Creative” not a “Techie”, without the help and support from my wonderful family, well, I’m very lucky to have them. 

Designs and Styles

My product range includes sweaters, cardigans and waistcoats. Simple, classic and original designs only using natural, sustainable materials have been the keystones to the popularity of my garments for over 25 years.

Each handmade garment and colour combination has its own embroidered motif. Bright, subtle and rustic colour combinations to cater for many different tastes. I incorporate a wide variety of fun motifs, the most popular being sheep, flowerpots, sailboats, ladybirds and bumble bees.

My sweaters are finished with rib and rim banding on the neck, cuffs and waist with neck side wooden buttoning for ease of wear. Each has three motifs, sheep grazing on the grass, ladybirds busying themselves, flowerpots looking at the sun, I could go on!

All cardigans have wooden front buttoning, motif on either front side. 

All waistcoats have wooden front buttoning, motif on either front side. 

Highest Quality


The two wools I use from Donegal Yarns are of the highest quality, very durable and soft to the skin. The wool is dyed, blended and spun producing a multi-colour flecked yarn of not just the highest quality but durability too. My garments are handed down from child to child which in these times has become essential for our planet.